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Utah Utes Baseball Camps


Youth Campers
  • A great opportunity for youth players to learn the proper fundamentals of the game. 
  • An enjoyable experience for all campers of any skill level.
  • Drill work, instruction, and scrimmages designed to teach youth players, while instilling a passion for the game of baseball.
High School Athletes
  • Drill work and instruction designed to take an athlete’s mechanics and kinetic awareness to the next level.
  • Position-specific defensive drills that help each player develop at his position, along with learning how to play multiple defensive positions.
  • Opportunity to get hands on instruction with Division I PAC-12 coaches.

Four Priorities in Instruction

  • Hustle, competiveness, body language, attitude, the winning way.
  • Fundamentals of Infield, Catching, Pitching and positions specific throwing.
  • Understanding the game of baseball (defensive positioning).
  • Communication with team defense.
  • Fundamentals of the swing mechanics.
  • Increasing contact and power.
  • Introduction of new drills to help with mechanics of the swing 
  • Base running.
  • Fundamentals of pitching mechanics.
  • Throwing strikes consistently.
  • Repeating the pitching motion.
  • Developing a second and third pitch.
  • Fielding your position.