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Utah Utes Cross Country Camps


Team Discount:

A team discount will be given for a team of 7 or more runners (same gender). All 7 or more runners must attend and compete for their high school team. Discounted rates – Subtract 5% from the Camp price.

ALL payments must be returned together in order to qualify for the team discount. Discounts cannot be combined.

University of Utah Employee Discount

For internet sign-up, write your Staff/Faculty ID number in the appropriate place on the registration. On the first day of camp, please bring a photocopy of the parent's Staff/Faculty ID to the registration.

Discounted Rate: $10 off Camp fees

Discounts cannot be combined.


Runners will be housed two to a room in the residence halls that were constructed specifically for the "Athletes Village" in the 2002 Winter Olympics. Each room shares a bathroom with one other room making it possible for up to four girls to be connected as suitemates. The players are under constant supervision of coaches and counselors who stay in the residence halls as well. If you have a roommate preference, please indicate her name on your application. Roommate requests will be honored whenever possible. More information about the residence halls is available at


Medical expenses incurred from injuries sustained at camp may be covered by insurance for up to $2,500. This is a secondary policy that coverts to primary coverage if there is no other accident insurance. Please contact your camp representative if you need to report an injury. Illness at camp is not covered by this policy. All claims for injury should be reported as soon as possible.


Residential Campers will eat at the Heritage Center located next to the residence halls; the cost includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the all-you-can-eat cafeteria. Meals begin with dinner on the first day of camp and we will not provide lunch on the last day of camp.

Commuting Campers will also eat at the Heritage Center located next to the residence halls; the cost includes lunch only and will be in the all-you-can-eat cafeteria. Meals begin with lunch on the first day and there willnot be lunch provided on the last day of camp.

All campers will be provided with a meal band at check-in. There is a fee for a lost meal band. Lost meal bands should immediately be reported to the Academy staff so we can assure that no campers go without meals.

Please notify us of any special dietary needs prior to the beginning of a camp. We will do our best to accommodate those needs.