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Utah Utes Soccer Camps

Frequently Asked Questions / Pre-Camp Information

1. Utah Utes Soccer Camps Rules and Regulations

Participants attending the Utah Utes Soccer Camps are expected to abide by the Academy's Rules and Regulations. Any participant who violates the Academy's Rules and Regulations will be subject to immediate dismissal. Parents will be notified and are responsible to make all travel arrangements for an immediate return home at their expense. No refunds or credit of fees from the Academy will be given under these circumstances.

  • The use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco by campers is prohibited. Consumption of prohibited substances is reason for immediate expulsion from camp without a refund.
  • The campers are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times.
  • Under no circumstances are campers permitted in a room occupied by the opposite sex.
  • A curfew procedure will be explained to the campers at an orientation meeting on the first day of camp. It will be enforced without exception. After evening games, campers must be in Heritage Commons unless supervised activities or specific permission from a staff member allows them to be elsewhere. Campers must be in their room promptly at 9:30 PM, with room checks at 9:45 PM. Lights out at 10:00 PM. A camper's absence from her room at bed check or the dorm without supervision of a staff member will be considered serious and the camper will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • As a courtesy to fellow campers and to other residents of Heritage Commons, loud and boisterous activity must be minimized. Quiet hour will be established and enforced. Campers are allowed only on the soccer camp floors in Heritage Commons. All other areas except for common areas are off limits to non-camp residents.
  • Campers must keep their rooms clean and in good order. Campers and their parents will be held responsible for any damage to rooms and furnishings, and payment for such damage will be billed to the parents.
  • Residential campers may not have automobiles while they are at the camp, nor may they ride in any vehicle without permission from a staff member. Campers will be required to turn in their keys at registration.
  • Campers are expected to dress appropriately. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times, even in the dorms.
  • Campers are expected to show courtesy toward fellow campers, the Utah Women's Soccer Academy staff, as well as the staff at Heritage Commons.
  • Campers must attend all meals.
  • Campers should ALWAYS BE ON TIME.
  • Campers must stay on campus at all times unless he/she has received permission and is accompanied by a staff member.
  • Playing with a ball in the dorms is prohibited.
  • Campers are not allowed to go into any of the other dorms on campus.