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What is the actual process for our campers?

- We have a demo camp with front and back end capabilities, so the athletic department personnel will have the ability to review the process from start to finish.

Do campers (parents) register with the Elite Registration and have to create an account before they actually register for camp?

- Yes we can do this. This is for compliance reasons.

Will we be able to provide a direct customer service number to our campers who are having issues?

- Yes

Will we have a login to be able to check registration forms?

- Yes


How are the camps setup? Is there a setup fee? If so, can we do it ourselves and avoid the fee?

- HProgram admins will have complete access to their sports/events. They create the camps, enter in what information needs to be asked, set the price etc. They are in complete control. There is no fee for the camp creation, only a fee per paid registrant.

What kind of fees per camper are applied - credit card/payment fees?

- Negotiable - Typical Fee Structure includes camp fee and merchant fee

What is the distribution of funds - how often do they cut our organization a check for the camps?

- Every 7 days they will receive their funds minus registration fees.


What kind of technical support is available from an organizational standpoint?

- We will provide a demo and go over all of the details of our registration processwith your team. We will answer any questions you have and if there is further need of customization we will discuss this process at that time.

Will we have a direct account representative?

- Yes

Does Elite Registration have a graphic designer to help build custom pages for individual camp brand/s?

- Yes

Does Elite Registration provide banners, buttons or any additional resources for our organization to use to direct campers to the registration? If camps are hosted on website outside of official athletic home page.

- If we get the login credentials to the existing campsite we can drop in content or share any files we have with them.

We will have multiple people logging in and operating the camps - will each of these people/teams/departments have an individual login?

- Yes. They could have one (1) master account for all three (3) to use or they could create three separate accounts that operate independently from each other (each account could only edit their own creations)


Coaches/Camp Directors have a goal to have custom forms that match our camp brochures. All the fields we need must be filled out and information easily available. Is this available?

- Yes

Coaches/Camp Directors would like each camp to have its own registration database. Printable forms and online system for us to look people up. Is this available?

- Yes

Coaches/Camp Directors need to be able to manipulate all the forms and registrations (user friendly). Is this available?

- Yes, they have the control to do this

Each Camp needs e-mail confirmation with every registration - clearly stating which camp and the camper's information. Can we do this with Elite Registration?

- Yes

Coaches/Camp Directors feel it is critical that all required fields must be filled out - in the past campers have been able to move forward without it being really required. Can we require fields to be filled out?

- Yes

Are there insurance options for multiple campers being registered by one person - we need approval and information from each camper and not just the person signing everyone up. We still need people to have an option to register more than one person but we need information on each camper. Is this available?

- We ask for camper info, and parent guardian info on each registration. Each registration is treated as a separate transaction. You have to purchase registrations and sign waivers separately for compliance.


Does Elite Registration offer online marketing support for camps?

- Yes

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