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About Us

Elite Registration has partnered with Web-Op, a leader in development solutions with 20 years of experience. Web-Op has built registration systems used for camps and clinics by organizations across the country including...

What separates Registration Elite’s online registration platforms from other online registration systems is their commitment to a custom camp registration experience that makes it easy for both coaches and campers to use. User get what they need, when they need iy.

Web-Op is one of the most successful development firms in the nation, creating innovative design and development solutions for businesses around the world. If a program needs any web development work, Web-Op provides the best solutions in the industry. Call 866.296.9196 or visit web-op.com today to learn more.

Why Registration Elite Beats The Competition

Customizable Sport and Event Pages (Get Unlimited Changes)
Does your current registration provider allow you to make unlimited changes to your site? We allow you to make unlimited changes to your camp pages, you will never be tied to the copy or imagery of these pages.

Customizable Upsell Add-ons for Every Camp
Does your current registration allow you to add custom upsell items to your events? We offer the ability to add unlimited upsell items to every camp, customize by size, color, and virtually any variant you can think of. All of these upsell items will be shown in a custom report for optimal organization and easy distribution.

Simple Refund Process
We make processing a refund easy. By logging into our back-end, coaches can select a camp, pull up the roster, and click refund next to the registrants name. The coach will enter a refund amount (allows for prorating) and Registration Elite will then send a check out to the camper for the amount the coach enters. It’s that easy!

Email Registrants Individually or as a Group for Each Camp
Ever wish you could quickly pull up a roster and send out a group email from a single place? Registration elite has developed a tool that allows coaches to pull up a roster and email the entire group all in the back end, making it quick and easy to send emails.

24/7 Personal Support
Need a last minute change? Need help or support creating a camp? Have any questions on a registration? You will have a personal account representative who will personally speak with you about any questions you have and will provide solutions for any situation. They are available 24/7, whatever you need, whenever you need it, your personal account representative will be there, day or night.

Secure Transactions (SSL Encryption)
We also use SSL encryption to ensure that all ecommerce transactions are safe and secure. Protecting registrants information is our highest priority.

FERPA, ADA, W3C Compliance
We know that your campers personal information MUST be secure and meet all compliance guidelines present. Our registrations go through a checklist at point of launch to ensure we meet FERPA, ADA, W3C compliance.

Online Waivers
We offer online waivers for your camps. These waivers are saved in the admin and can be accessed and downloaded through the back end.

Customizable Roster Creation and Revenue Reports
Need to quickly pull up a roster? Need a quick and easy way to pull up a revenue report? Need to create a custom report, with only the information you need to review? We offer a thorough custom reporting feature that is easy to access, and was designed to fit both coaches and administrators needs.

We ask for a simple and negotiable registration and merchant fee, you pay nothing up front for our service. You will receive a custom registration program with zero dollars out of pocket. All site changes, customizations and one on one calls with our staff are all included in with this simple fee structure.

Quickly Transfer Funds
Payments are processed through Registration Elite’s merchant account and funds can be transferred to your school's bank account daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

You Own Registrant Data
All data collected through our registrations are owned by your program. Registration Elite will not use any data collected without your consent.

Registration Elite Leading Registration Competitor
Customizable Sport and Event Pages (Unlimited changes) Yes! no
Customizable Upsell Add-ons for Every Camp Yes! no
Simple Refund Process Yes! no
Email Registrants Individually or as a Group for Each Camp Yes! no
24/7 Personal Support Yes! no
FERPA, ADA, W3C Compliance Yes! no
Customizable Roster Creation and Revenue Reports Yes! no
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