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University of Maryland Eastern Shore
High School/Youth Strength & Conditioning Camps

Get instruction from one of the top strength and conditioning coaches is the region! Instruction areas include…


Speed: Improved Acceleration and Top Speed running mechanics, and teaching how to correctly apply force into the ground to increase running speed.

Strength: Emphasis on the Clean, RDL, Squat, and Bench Press movements to work total body strength and introduce concepts high school athletes will see at the next level in college.

Conditioning: Emphasis on increasing cardiovascular health, repeat power ability, and muscular endurance.

Mobility: a joint-by-joint approach to increase active range of motion and decrease injury risk through the proper use of warmups and cool downs.

Agility: Change of direction mechanics to improve starting and stopping efficiency.


About Coach Inman:


Mike Inman is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore where he

oversees training for all sports teams in the athletic department. He is a former assistant strength and conditioning

coach at Temple University (2020-2021 & 2016-2018) where he oversaw training for Women’s Soccer, Men’s

Soccer, Gymnastics, Cross Country, Tennis, and Field Hockey. Prior to his most recent time at Temple University,

Coach Inman was the Head of Performance for China’s Men’s National Judo Team (2018-2020) where he oversaw

the physical preparation for China’s Judo athletes competing in the 2020 Olympics. Coach Inman started his

coaching career at Salisbury University (2014-2016) in the sports performance department as a graduate assistant

coach. At Salisbury, he oversaw the design and implementation of comprehensive sports performance programs

for Football, Volleyball, Swimming, and Track and Field. In his free time Coach Inman still competes as an athlete

himself in Strongman competitions, qualifying for national level competitions.


There are currently no Strength & Conditioning camps available. Check back soon.