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Registration Elite Sports Camp Software Now Offers. . .

No Out-of-Pocket Costs

Small, Transparent Fee Structure

100% Free Design and Setup

Flexible and User-Friendly Backend

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6 Ways Registration Elite Stands Out

No Out-of-Pocket Costs What's that? Unbelievable? Believe it. Elite's payment system doesn't cost you a cent, as all costs are passed to the customer.
Seamless Integration Our services include integrated access to Recruit Elite and Elite Camp Marketing, adding value to a system that's already a steal!
Conversion-Optimized Design Because marketing is our forte, Elite's design elements naturally push customers to complete a registration.
Customer-Centric Checkout Through intensive market research, Elite has designed the checkout system to be as easy and accommodating as possible, leading to increased registrations.
Stress-Free Camp Management Our administration panel allows coaches and school administrators easy, tiered management of camps to keep even the most strict of programs happy.
Increases Traffic to Camps Registration Elite's internal marketing systems ensure you're pushed to the top of search engines, making you visible!
Run Your Camps Cheaper.
Run Your Camps Faster.
Coach With Confidence.

The Registration Elite Rundown...

So you're involved with athletic programs. In that case, I'm sure you're intimately familiar with the hassle that can be running camps and clinics! While they can be rewarding, they definitely take a significant amount of effort, finesse, and care to successfully run, especially if you want folks excited about the next camp! Schools and coaches use software to facilitate running their camps, but oftentimes run into problems like dated design, clunky functionality, or even contractual obligations to pay fees and subscriptions! This can hurt coaches and athletic programs directly, dipping into their profits or worse, driving registrations away from themselves! Good news, we're here to help.

Look no further than Registration Elite. We're YOUR premier camp registration provider, and we're here to bring your camps into the modern world. With stunning design, modern layouts, and an expert team of developers and support staff behind the wheel, Registration Elite has you covered. We're constantly updating, refining, and streamlining the process, leading directly to more registrations for you! The best part about it? We don't cost you a CENT out of pocket, with no setup fees, no recurring charges, and no hassle. So go ahead. Give us a call. Shoot us an email. We're ready to talk to you about making sure your programs are the most "Elite" they can possibly be!

Registration Elite Beats the Competition. Read for Yourself...

Our camp registration looks amazing! Their staff is a pleasure to work with. Thanks Guys!!

Jolene S. - University of Utah
They have built a great registration tool for us, I have gotten feedback from registrants that say it's the best they have used.

Rorus Decourt - Arizona Reg
They went over and above when developing our registration system, we have thousands of campers nationwide and we couldn't have done this without them.

Mike Wall - Gold Medal Squared
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